7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer for your Special Day

1. Capturing Moments Takes Experience

A lot of what we do as photographers is proactive. If your wedding photographer knows the scenes that emotions are likely to occur in, they proactively aim towards the action, they anticipate it. Moments are fleeting and it’s your photographer’s job to catch them. It takes 100s of weddings to truly grasp the potential of each wedding activity.

2. We Know Your Venue

If we haven’t shot there prior, you’d better believe we’ll do our research. Scouring the internet for what other professional wedding photographers have shot, and even visiting the venue beforehand to scout the best photo sites and lighting. If you have a location as unique as you, you’ll definitely appreciate the experience of a seasoned pro to create creative and dynamic photos for any location.

3. We Stress So You Don’t Have To

We know your wedding day can be stressful. The last thing we want you to stress about is your photos. We go into each wedding with the goal of creating award-winning photos for both you and us.

4. You’re Working with the Owner

Every Professional Wedding Photographer is more than a photographer, they are a small business owner. Your top-notch experience with them is paramount. You can imagine the different type of experience you will get with an hourly employee who is contracted cheaply by a large wedding agency. Choosing a Professional Wedding Photographer over an agency supports making someone’s dreams come true.

5. Amateur vs Pro

You decide

6. Constantly Improving our Craft

We understand that the art of Wedding Photography is multi-faceted and there are always areas to polish and new techniques to learn. No one masters creative lighting without extensive practice and training, even if we’re born with the eye. We invest in our craft to ensure our photos are worth a thousand words.

7. You’ll Spend More Time w/ your Photographer Than Anyone Else

We are there before you arrive and as you leave. We are there every step of the way, even hiding in the trees to catch the perfect moment. We have our own dedicated time with you two for romantic photos. As the most seasoned wedding-goers of the bunch, we’re there to help you through each moment. Long story short, hire a Professional Wedding Photographer.


Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by! I am a Professional Wedding Photographer living my dream in Colorado. Capture your special moments with the passion it deserves.

Jason Johnson