Everything to Know for Your Colorado Mountain Wedding

So, you’ve decided to hold your wedding in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado. Great decision- you’re bound to have an unforgettable and beautiful day. Here are some key factors you should keep in mind when planning your perfect mountain wedding!

Seasonal Considerations

When booking the dates for your wedding, keep in mind that Colorado does have a full range of seasons. So, if you want to get married in a winter wonderland, go for dates between November to February. Otherwise, if you’d rather have a slightly warmer temperature for your wedding, go during the spring, summer, or fall. Just make sure you research Colorado’s average temperature during these seasons so that you can select the perfect time for yourself.

Likewise, if you’re holding a wedding in Colorado, chances are you’ll want to host at least part of it, such as the ceremony, outdoors. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the stunning scenery? Luckily, Colorado is a relatively dry state when it comes to rain, but as with any outdoor wedding, it’s still best to plan ahead and have a weather-proof contingency plan, such as renting a wedding tent just in case.

Theme and Decor Ideas

Chances are, if you’re getting married in the mountains, you may be leaning towards a more natural, rustic-inspired wedding theme. There are so many beautiful ways to work the Colorado scenery into your wedding celebration, it’s hard to pick and choose.

If you’re hosting the ceremony outdoors, most of the decor is already taken care of by the nature itself. A few carefully placed florals and neutral accent pieces, and you’re good to go. However, before you even arrive at the ceremony, you can build anticipation for your wedding location by sending out mountain-themed save-the-dates and invitations. Give your guests a glimpse of what they have to look forward to!

Your wedding cake is also a unique and thoughtful way to embrace your mountain-themed wedding. Ask your wedding cake baker to design the cake in a way that either features a mountainesque color theme, or alpine-style decorations such as evergreen trees, or a combination of the two. You’ll have an amazing, delicious cake that perfectly complements the overarching theme of your wedding and ties it all together during the reception.

Colorado Wedding Photography

To commemorate your gorgeous wedding, you’ll need to hire a Colorado wedding photographer who has experience in the region and knows the land well. To maximize your experience, scout out a few stellar locations where you’d like to get photos of just you and your fiance in advance of the wedding. While in Colorado, you may as well take advantage of all the stunning nature and memorialize it the best you can.

For the day of, make sure you find a photographer whose portfolio matches your personal style. You want someone who has the qualifications and talent to capture you in a way that showcases your joy and radiance on one of the happiest days of your life. You will be looking at your wedding photography for the rest of your life, so make sure you love it.

Colorado Venue Options

Colorado has no shortage of unique wedding venues that embrace the Colorado landscape. With hundreds of locations to choose from, it can even be overwhelming. However, certain venues stand out amongst the rest thanks to their wedding expertise, locational excellence, and amenities. Check out this list to view some of the top wedding venues in all of Colorado! All featuring stunning mountain backdrops in different locations across Colorado, these venues are the absolute cream of the crop.

From Black Canyon Inn, which features stunning views of the Rocky Mountains, to Copper Mountain Resort, where athletes can hit the ski slopes right after the ceremony, to The Little Nell, where an elevation of 11,000 feet provides once-in-a-lifetime views of the Elk Mountains and Highland Bowl, you will not be disappointed in any of these venues- however, given their popularity and status, they may be difficult to nail down. If you’re interested, make sure you book your venue of choice well in advance of your wedding!

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