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Our agency provides effective and affordable social media marketing services to small and medium businesses in Denver, Boulder, BroomField, Westminster, Lafayette, CO, and the surrounding area.

Have you neglected your online presence? Whether you run a local business or a digital one, whether you’re a freelancer, or a beginning entrepreneur, it is time you considered hiring professional social media marketing services. You need to pursue your goals not only in real life but also online and on the main social networks, and the easiest way to do that is with Love In Media, your personal professional photographer and social media marketing manager. 

We can help with everything you need, from planning your social media strategy and designing your campaign to successful implementation and engagement measurements. We personalize our social media marketing services packages to our clients’ needs but all of them are structured according to three main phases described below:  

1st Phase: Social Media Marketing Strategy & Campaign Plan

Every experienced social media marketing manager knows that strategy is the key to the success of any campaign. Love In Media can help you develop and implement an effective strategy. In order to do that, we: 

  • Analyze your brand to identify its strengths and weaknesses
  • Study your niche and your main competitors
  • Develop a unique and effective social media marketing plan that involves publishing unique, attractive, and relevant content following a preset schedule.

2nd Phase: Asset Development & Consulting

Once your social media strategy is ready, in order to implement it, we create and improve your assets. This can mean creating social media profiles and pages, blog posts, social media posts, videos, email templates, and paid ads.  

Your social media marketing manager advises you on the best practices, like posts frequency, paid ads targeting, and retargeting. If you wish, we can help you connect with influencers and lay out the basis of an influencer marketing campaign. 

While doing everything, we always keep your long-term goals in mind and focus on giving your campaign the coherence, expressivity, and cohesion it needs in order to pay results, engage your audience, and support your branding efforts. 

3rd Phase: Implementation

This is the phase when everything we’ve planned and developed during the previous two stages materializes and becomes reality. We begin publishing on your blog and posting on social media according to the previously established schedules. 

We implement your influencer marketing campaign and publish and manage the paid ads. We monitor engagement, report to you and, if necessary, adjust our previously-elaborated strategy according to the results obtained and trends noticed. 

Because paid advertising plays an important role in the overall social media marketing cost, you can count on us to carefully manage your campaigns, paying attention to every detail, from planning to implementation.

Paid Advertising Plan – First Two Months

It can take up to two months to develop an effective strategy and set up the campaigns. Whether it’s a local social media marketing campaign or a national one, it is important to make sure that your ads reach the right audience. In order to do that, we: 

  • Learn everything there is to know about your brand, from how you perceive it and want it presented to your audience to how it is actually perceived. 
  • Analyze your competitors’ campaigns and their results, to determine the best approach for yours. 
  • Develop your audience profile, research hot topics, create a detailed paid advertising plan based on which to set up and launch your paid ads. 

Campaign Development & Deployment – The Following Two Months

Once your paid advertising campaign is deployed, we monitor and analyze engagement. As part of our social media marketing services, we split test different audience profiles, ad copies, and other creative assets to determine which ones deliver the best results. 

We optimize campaigns according to those findings and analyze dayparting to ensure that ads are displayed during peak engagement times. We report everything to you, from findings and preliminary results to proposed changes and further recommendations. 

Campaign Development & Deployment – The Last Two Months

At this point, we know without a doubt what works for your audience and what doesn’t. We use that knowledge for a final optimization of your campaigns, retargeting your ads, and following up with your not-yet-converted audience. 

We continue to analyze organic and paid engagement trends, serving the ads with the best-performing copy and creative to top-performing audiences, during peak times. Your social media marketing manager reports to you regularly presenting results and suggesting next steps. 

Paid Advertising Overview 

Our Approach to Paid Advertising

The paid advertising plans we create strategically cover bottom-of-funnel, middle-of-funnel, and top-of-funnel ads and focus on guiding customers through the purchase process. We target audiences according to their place in the funnel and map out their customer journey, deepening their relationship with your brand. 

In order to reach our goals, we strategically combine best-performing ad copies with static images, videos, and slideshows. We create different ad sets and set different conversion goals, according to the targeted funnel section. We set budgets for each ad set and scale them according to the limits you set, campaign goals and results. 

When you work with Love In Media, you have full control of your social media marketing cost. You know the price of our social media marketing services packages from the beginning, paid advertising campaigns are supported directly from your credit card, and you receive accurate and timely financial reports. Any deviations from the initially set budget will be discussed in advance and subject to your approval.

Engagement Overview & Example

Our Approach to Engagement

Our social media marketing services always drive results because we focus on engagement and rely on human input and support to ensure it. We don’t resort to chat bots or artificial intelligence to interact with your social media followers. We use personal interaction to connect your audience with your content and boost brand awareness and affinity, all while continuously expanding your audience and your reach. 

With our social media marketing services, you’ll get not only followers but also engagement, impressions, interactions, vivid conversations built around your brand, products, or services. And we know just how to turn engagement into actual sales, as shown in the example below.  

Engagement Example

Let’s say you hire our local social media marketing services. Here is an example of your fans’ customer journey: 

  1. One of our social media posts reaches a new user, Mary
  2. Mary engages with the post and asks about location or specific products
  3. We quickly reply with the requested information, further engaging Mary and encouraging her to keep in touch.
  4. Mary makes her first purchase and recounts her experience. We follow up, using Mary’s experience and strategic tags to engage her contacts and, at the same time, keep her engaged.
  5. Mary continues to buy from you and mentions your brand to her friends who get curious and end up engaging with your social media posts and ads and repeating her customer journey. 

Otherwise put, besides an increasing social media following, you gain new loyal customers, consolidate your reputation, further expand your reach, and drive even more sales. We get results like this all the time but, of course, they would not be possible without our customers’ trust, willingness to try our social media marketing services, and close collaboration with their social media marketing manager. 

Denver Quests for “Social Media Marketing Near Me” End with Us

Don’t waste your time searching for “social media marketing near me” online. Google cannot guarantee the experience, skills, and commitment to results available with all Love In Media social media marketing services.

Call 720-722-4127 or reach out online and let us help you take your social media presence to the next level! No matter the type of social media marketing services you need or whether you’re located in Denver, Boulder, Broomfield, Westminster, Lafayette, or some other Colorado area, we will gladly help.

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